Plasma Processing and Technology International Conference 2022


Hiden Analytical LTD
Hiden Analytical LTD
Hiden Analytical manufactures quadrupole mass spectrometers.

Our quadrupole mass spectrometers are available in a broad range of configurations for gas / vapour analysis, residual gas analysis, plasma ion analysis, UHV surface science , thermal analysis and surface analysis. Hiden mass spectrometers are configured for mass ranges:100, 200, 300, 510, 1000, 2500 and 5000 AMU, providing for analysis of the widest variety of volatile organic, metal organic and inorganic compounds. Hiden mass spectrometer control software provides for fast real time data acquisition over 10 decades dynamic range.

Our bespoke design service provides for client interactive development of solutions to meet specific requirements.

Rtec Instruments develops and manufactures advanced testing solutions for mechanical and optical surface characterization. As a result, our advanced technologies contribute to numerous research and industrial applications. Being a leader in analytical instrumentation, we combine techniques that provide a unique perspective in material testing.

Currently, our line of testers include tribometers, profilometers, indentation and scratch testers, high-temperature indenters, and corrosion testers. Furthermore, our testers provide the most robust and versatile platform in the market for testing friction, wear, adhesion, hardness, roughness, and film thickness from nano to macro-scale.

We care about the user experience and provide easy one click analysis with pre-made testing recipes. But for those who need specialized testing, we provide modular platforms with customizable motion.

Moreover, we strive to meet tomorrow’s requirements for research and industrial industries in various sectors. This includes oil & gas, 2D materials, semiconductor, coatings, automotive, biomedical, and aerospace.