Plasma Processing and Technology International Conference 2022

Speaker's Details

Prof. Rajdeep Singh Rawat

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Dr. Rajdeep Singh Rawat is a Professor in Physics at Natural Sciences and Science Education, NIE, NTU. Rajdeep’s main research interest involves performing fundamental studies on pulsed plasma devices such as Dense Plasma focus (DPF) and Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) and their applications to wide variety of areas such as: neutron source for novel material testing for first wall of fusion reactor and explosive material detection, radioisotopes synthesis, soft x-ray lithography, soft and hard x-ray imaging, material modification, and nano-structured material synthesis. He has extensive experience in various basic plasma and nuclear diagnostic techniques. His current research focus is graphene and transition metal nitrides/oxides based three dimensional porous nanostructured hybrid assemblies for energy storage and conversion applications; magnetic materials for data storage; and FE-FM heterointerfaces for voltage controlled switching and Insulator-Graphene/Metal heterointerfaces for Rashba effect tuning, development of high spin Hall angle spin Hall materials for spintronics applications.

After joining at NTU, he has participated in 40 research grants since 2001 with 24 as principal investigator with 17 of them from external/industrial sources, and graduated 4 MSc and 13 PhD students and currently supervising 5 PhD students. He has published about 240 Journal papers and over 70 conference papers with >6550 citations and H-index of 43. He also holds a patent on “New Fast Absolute Neutron Detector”. He is also the President of Asian African Association for Plasma Training (which has 54 member institutions in 23 countries) since 2012 and President of International Physics Olympiad since 2018.