The 3rd edition of the Sensors Technologies International conference - Sensors 2023

Speaker's Details

Prof. Eleonora Alfinito

Università del Salento, Italy

Eleonora Alfinito received the master’s degree in physics from the University of Salerno, Lecce, Italy, in 1992, and the Ph.D. degree in mathematical physics from the University of Bari, Italy, in 1996.,Since 2004, she has been an Assistant Professor of Condensed Matter Physics with the University of Salento. She has authored or coauthored over 100 publications, three chapters in volume, one monograph, and three volumes as an Editor. Her research involves the study of biological matter by using deterministic and stochastic approaches. In particular, she is one of the founders of Proteotronics a novel branch of biophysical electronics based on complex networks, Prof. Alfinito was in the Editorial Board of several journals and conferences and a member of national and international scientific projects.

Her research activity is founded on quantum field theory, physics of matter, and mathematical physics. At present, her main interests concern with the electrical properties of biological matter, proteins in particular, and the statistical characterization of electrical fluctuations.