The 3rd edition of the Sensors Technologies International conference - Sensors 2023

Speaker's Details

Prof. Tito Trindade

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Tito Trindade is a Full Professor in the Chemistry Department at the University of Aveiro (Portugal) and in the CICECO-Aveiro Materials Institute. He has contributed to pioneering research on semiconductor nanomaterials, with current research interests spanning the synthesis, surface modification, properties and impact of diverse nanoparticles. These systems include semiconductors, glasses, metals, metal oxides, and derived nanocomposites. His research group (nanoLAB@UA) has developed a special expertise in surface chemistry methods applied to colloidal nanoparticles, which have the potential for environmental, energy, and medical applications. Other research interests include inorganic-organic hybrid materials and pigments. Tito Trindade has been appointed to various positions, including Director of the Department of Chemistry (U. Aveiro, 2015-2019), President of the Inorganic Chemistry Division (Portuguese Chemical Society, 2007-2009), and first Director of the Doctoral Program in Nanosciences and Nanotechnology (U. Aveiro, until 2016). He is committed to diverse pedagogical and scientific dissemination activities, namely by lecturing topics on Nanochemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Pigments, and Physical-Chemistry.