International Conference on Smart Materials and Surfaces

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Dr. Naveed Anwar

Executive Director/CEO, AIT Consulting Affiliated Faculty, Structural Engineering Director, ACECOMS, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

Dr. Naveed Anwar is the Executive Director of AIT Consulting and serves on its Advisory and Technical Board of Directors. Dr. Naveed also oversees the Asian Center for Engineering Computations and Software (ACECOMS) as Director and continues to teach structural engineering at the School of Engineering and Technology, both situated at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT).

Since 2010, Dr. Naveed has been responsible for the establishment and consistent growth of AIT Consulting marked by providing specialized services in technology, engineering, environment, development and management across a spectrum of private, public, and not-for-profit sectors in all regions. While steering AIT Consulting's commitment to nimble, high-quality solutions, Dr. Naveed is recognized for numerous honors and awards for his 30-year contribution to the field of structural engineering specifically in areas spanning the design and analysis of tall buildings, bridges and special structures, computational mechanics and the development of software for engineering applications.

As Director of ACECOMS, Dr. Naveed has thirty years of extensive experience in development of software, use of computers in engineering application, and computer programming. He is author of several programs which include ACECOMS GEAR, The SDL-1 Series, SYS DESIGNER, Frame2DX, BUILDCOST, BridgePad and main author of several user manuals and technical documentation for engineering software such as BATS 99 and BATS 2000, NichadaCAD, MonierCAD, CSIDetailer, CSISection Builder, RISA Section, CSICOL.

Dr. Naveed has been invited to participate as keynote speaker in 120 seminars and workshops, conducted in 15 countries, and attended by a combined total of 4,000 engineers from 25 countries.

He has numerous research publications in the fields of Structural Engineering, Computational Mechanics, Earthquake Engineering, Performance Based Design, Modeling and Analysis of Bridges, Tall Buildings and special structures such as Tall Stack and Masonry Structures. Dr. Naveed has also co-authored over 50 workshops presentations, covering a wide range of topics such as structural modeling and analysis, concrete design, steel design, and software development research methodology.

Dr. Naveed Anwar has extensive experience in the conception, planning, analysis, design and detailing of multi-story buildings, bridges, water retaining structures, industrial buildings and special structures. He has worked on the structural design of over 800 different projects.

Dr. Naveed earned Doctoral and Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering at AIT and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan.