International Conference on Smart Materials and Surfaces

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Prof. Suresh Valiyaveettil

Department of Chemistry National University of Singapore, Singapore

Prof. Suresh.’s group at the National University of Singapore is interested in developing functional materials for various applications. Ongoing projects involve:


i) Synthesis of conjugated oligomers and polymers
ii) Functionalization of natural polymers (e.g. cellulose)

iii) Developing new adsorbent materials (e.g. polymers, nanocarbon, metal oxides, biomembranes) for water purification.
iv) Synthesis and characterization of novel nanomaterials
v) Safety and toxicity of metallic nanoparticles
vi) Investigation of biomimetic synthesis of hard tissues (e.g. eggshells, seashells)
vii) Materials for solar cells

His group has published more than 150 papers in various refereed international journals with a total citation of 3598 (Average citations per paper: 18.08, h-index: 31). In addition, about 24 students completed their PhD, 11 students graduated with MSc degrees and more than 100 students finished their final year projects from his group in NUS. One of his key strength is providing quality research experience and training to young talented students.