2nd Edition Smart Materials & Surfaces Conference

Conference Topics


The conference themes are as follow :


Smart Materials

  • Material/coating design, formulation, processing and characterization, Design and Theory of Smart Surfaces,  Interface and interaction science, Hierarchical structures and molecular-particle networks, New manufacturing technologies
  • Novel nano and micro-devices, Composites and nanocomposites, Ceramics/Nanoceramics, Hybrid/ nanohybrid, Conducting and conjugated polymers, Electrochromic materials,  Liquid crystals, Inorganic-organic hybrid
  • Materials for Energy conversion and storage devices/systems (Photoconversion/ Renewable Energy/ Photovoltaic/ Fuel Cells and Solar Cells)
  • Biomaterials, Electrochemistry, Catalyst materials, Piezoelectric, ferroelectric, electroactive, electromagnetic, self-healing, heating, sensing, etc. materials



  • Nanoparticles, nanocrystals, colloids, sols, and quantum dots. Self- assemblies and directed assemblies of molecules and nanoparticles
  • Thin Films,  membranes, and coatings
  • Nanotubes, nanowires, nanofibers, nanorods and nanobelts
  • Nanostructured, Nanocomposites, Nanoporous, mesoporous and microporous materials
  • Nanomaterials (atomic, molecular, and bulk) characterization techniques.


Characterization and Properties

  • Micro- and nano-characterization of mechanical and electromechanical properties
  • Damage, fatigue, aging, and fracture mechanics of smart devices •Design optimization
  • Mechanics of nano-devices
  • Continuum models for nonlinear multi-field coupled behavior
  • Micromechanical and thermodynamical modeling approaches
  • Nano-scale effects and atomistic modeling techniques
  • Advanced mathematical methods, finite element formulations and implementation
  • Modeling, Simulation and Control of Adaptive Systems
  • Integrated System Design and Implementation
  • Structural Health Monitoring


Materials/ coatings Properties

  • Functional materials and polymers
  • Anti-microbial, superhydrophobic/ superhydrophilic, anti-dust, anti-dirt, anti-fouling, anti-fogging, self-healing, thermos-responsive, thermos-resistive, superconductive, bioinspired, biodegradable, resorbable, sponge type materials, reflective, etc.


Sensing and actuation

  • Sensors materials
  • Spectroscopic, Electromagnetic, Acoustic, Chemical and mechanical sensing and actuation
  • Sensor/actuator signal processing
  • Compatibility of sensors and actuators with conventional and advanced materials
  • Smart sensors for materials and composites processing.


Optics and electromagnetic

  • Optical fiber technology
  • Active and adaptive optical systems and components
  • Tunable high-dielectric phase shifters
  • Tunable surface control
  • Laser processes
  • MIMOs, MEMS and Liquid metal devices.



  • Energy harvesting and storage
  • MEMS and NEMS devices and applications
  • Biomedical, Prosthetic and Implant Materials and Biosensors
  • Food and pharmaceutical packaging
  • Automotive, aerospace, textile, construction, etc