The Surfaces, Coatings and Interfaces International Conference

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Prof. UroŇ° Cvelbar

Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia

Prof Uroš Cvelbar was born on Oct 26th 1975 in Ljubljana and graduated in 2000 from The  School  of  Physics  of  the  Faculty  of  Mathematics  and  Physics,  University  of  Ljubljana, Slovenia,  EU  and  become  a  part  of  the  Plasma  Laboratory  at  the  Institute  for  Surface Engineering (ITPO). In 2001, he was awarded the Best YoungResearcher Fellowship and the MSZS grant. Dr Cvelbar’s Ph.D. was awarded in 2005 in the area of Materials Science and Plasma Technologies by the University of Ljubljana. Dr Cvelbar also has a Master of Business Administration  degree.  At  present,  he  is  a  Senior  Research  Scientist  and  Deputy-head  of Department F4 at the Jozef Stefan Institute, a prime research institution in Slovenia. He also works  part-time  as  professor  and  teaches  mostly  postgraduate  courses  in  Ljubljana,  and some  other  European  Universities  like  University  of  Barcelona,  Tomas  Bata  University,  etc. Additionaly,  he  is  envolved  as  science  leader  in  Centers  of  Excellence –Center for  Polymer Materials (Polimat). He has been an invited speaker at a number of prestigious international conferences  and  during  visits  to  a  number  of  top  research  universities  worldwide. As  a researcher,  Dr  Cvelbar  also  worked  at  CPAT  Laboratories  at  the  University  Paul  Sabatier  in Toulouse   (France),   at   the   National   University   of   Singapore   (Singapore),   University   of Louisville (USA), Institute of Electronic Materials Technology in Warsaw (Poland), and at the CSIRO  and  University  of  Sydney  (Australia).  He  was  a  Chief  and  Co-Chief  Investigator  on many MSZS (ARRS), industry as well as EU Framework projects. He is member ofECS board of  Devision  for  Dielectric  Science  and  Technology  and  executive  board  member  of  Plasma Nanoscience. Dr Cvelbar’s bibliography in the last 5 years contains more than 200 items, including 60 international scientific papers, 164 conference presentations, 27 invited talks, 3 patent  applications,  and  10  patents. In  recent  years  he  has  been  working  on  electrical discharges,   plasma   phenomena,   plasma   nanotechnology,   plasma   nanofabrication   and synthesis  of  nanowires,  selective  etching,  plasma  cleaning,  plasma  characterisation,  and plasma sterilisation and functionalisation of biocompatible materials including polymers.