The 3rd Edition of the European Graphene Forum 2017 Conference and Exhibition

EGF 2017
26 Apr - 28 Apr 2017 | Paris - France
European Graphene Forum 2017, New Materials for the 21st Century



3rd Edition of the European  Graphene Forum - EGF 2017


New Materials for the 21st Century


Graphene, the single layer carbon based material, is transparent, flexible, and has excellent electronic properties. As it is called “the dream material,” graphene holds innumerable application potential. It is a material that still requires consistent research and at the same time it is a material that may hold the key to future electronics revolution with unlimited industrial value.


The 3rd Edition European Graphene Forum will be organized in Paris (France) from the 26th until the 28th of April 2017. This event will cover the latest technology developments, applications, commercialization progress, end user requirements and challenges for Graphene and 2D Materials. Don't miss on this great opportunity to explore the graphene potential.

European Graphene Forum - EGF 2017 will feature:

  • Plenary sessions with internationally renowned speakers,
  • Industrial Sessions with focus on Graphene Commecialization,
  • Extensive parallel thematic workshops,
  • An International exhibition co-located with Smart Materials and Surfaces - SMS Europe 2017 Exhibition
  • Brokerage event


Forum Topics

The European Graphene Forum - EGF 2017 topics include:

  • Fundamental Science of Graphene and 2D Materials Beyond Graphene,
  • Growth, synthesis techniques and integration methods,
  • Graphene modification and functionalization,
  • Large scale graphene production and Characterization,
  • Chemistry and biology studies of graphene,
  • Graphene-based nanocomposites: recent scientific studies and applications,
  • Applications of graphene and related 2D materials in electronics/ Flexible Electronics, photonics, spintronics, Optoelectronics and sensors,
  • Applications of graphene in energy, including photovoltaics, energy storage, fuel cells and hydrogen storage,
  • Application of Graphene in biomedical area,
  • Graphene-related health and environment research,
  • Graphene: Innovation and commercialization. 

Keynote Speakers
1453149993_1_Andrea Ferrari.jpg
Cambridge Graphene Centre, Engineering Department, University of Cambridge- UK
University of Castilla-la Mancha (UCLM), Spain
Institut Néel, CNRS & Université Grenoble Alpes, France
Centre for Graphene Science, University of Exeter, UK
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
INRS - EMT and Québec University, Canada
Department of Physics, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Gnanomat, Spain
Business Development Director at Graphenea, Spain
Trinity college Dublin, Ireland
Director of the Institut de Science et d´Ingénierie Supramoléculaires (ISIS), University of Strasbourg, France
Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden
Group leader and Full professor, Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials, University of Groningen, The Netherlands
Manchester University - United Kingdom
Group Leader, Professor, Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO), Spain (to be confirmed)
Director of the Carbon Nanotechnology Research Group and Professor at University of Trieste, Italy
Faculty of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing, University of Sunderland, UK
Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Germany
Media Partners