Metrology, from the Ancient Greek metron (measure) and logos (study of), is the science of measurement. Nanometrology is a subfield of metrology, concerned with the science of measurement at the nanoscale level. Today's global economy depends on reliable measurements and tests, which are trusted and accepted internationally. This measurement infrastructure must be extended into the nanoscale and beyond, to bring nanotechnology based products or manufacturing processes successfully and safely into the market place.

The 6th edition of NanoMetrology 2021 event deals with the advancements in all the metrological aspects related to nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is open to all the areas connected to both theoretical and experimental aspects of metrology at the nanometer scale, from new methodologies for the quantitative characterization of nanomaterials, to new results in fields of characterization of nanomaterials and realization of nanometrological standards, which represent a key issue for making possible a successful technological transfer of nanotechnology. The aim of this event is to offer an opportunity to academicians, innovators and industrials to share, and divulge new methods, techniques and instrumentations, for metrology and characterization of nanomaterials, nanosystems, and nanodevices at the nanometer scale. The event topics include, but not limited to:

  • Characterisation at the nanoscale
  • Modeling and simulations at the nanoscale
  • Methodologies for the quantitative characterization of physical and chemical parameters of nanomaterials (AFM, STM, SEM, TEM, Mass spectrometry, etc)
  • Extension and standardization of characterization Methodologies at the nanometer scale (engineered nanoparticles, nanobiotechnologies, nanoelectronics, thin films/nanocoatings
  • Presentation of innovative studies reporting new results in the characterization of nanomaterials and nanosystems
  • Definition and realization of standards for nanometer scale characterizations (reference materials, measurement standards, etc)
  • Divulgation of good laboratory practice and traceability in nanoscale metrology
  • Nanosafety/ Nanotoxicity; Sustainable nanomanufacturing; Environmental Metrology, Biomedical/phamaceutical  (Eco-toxicological, Clinical) Metrology, Food Metrology, etc
  • Society and regulation issues

In addition to these main conference sessions, several workshops and focused symposia will run in parallel. To date confirmed symposia/workshops includes:

  • VIMMP project (H2020 GA 760907) workshop: Virtual Materials Market Place
  • MMAMA project (H2020-NMBP-07-2017) workshop: Electrical Material Parameters and Impedance Measurement Techniques in the Project MMAMA
  • Symposium 1: When size, shape and orientation of nanoparticles matter
  • Symposium 2: Mathematical Modelling in Nanotechnology and Nanofluids
  • Symposium 3: Nanocoatings/ Thin films and nanostructured surfaces
  • Symposium 4: Graphene and 2D Materials
  • Symposium 5: 2D and 3D Printing and Nanotechnology

For the details of the above conference topics, symposia/workshop (chairs/ description) please refer to the Conference Topics page.

The conference will be co-located with a common free access International exhibition

Conference Chairs

Prof. Jacques Jupille

Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), CNRS Paris, France

Prof. James M. Hill

University of South Australia, Australia

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Andrea Mario Rossi

National Institute of Metrological Research Turin, Italy

Prof. Luís Dias Carlos

University of Aveiro, Portugal

Prof. Rodrigo Ferrão de Paiva Martins

Nova University of Lisbon, Portugal

Prof. Ngamta Thamwattana

University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof. Qingze Zou

Rutgers University, USA

Dr. Lionel Cervera Gontard

University of Cadiz, Spain

Prof. Olivier Thomas

Aix-Marseille University, France

Dr. Maria Losurdo

Institute of Nanotechnology - CNR-NANOTEC, Italy

Dr. James Bowen

University of Birmingham, UK

Prof. Gianmario Martra

University of Turin, Italy

Prof. Elvira Fortunato

New University of Lisbon, Portugal

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